Terms & Conditions

Direct Containers / 53ft Truckloads from Mexico
  • 20ft and 40ft Direct Container Prices are FOB: Delivered
  • 20ft containers hold 20 pallets, 40ft containers typically hold 40-44 pallets, 53ft trucks from Mexico hold 56 pallets
  • Pallets must be ordered from 1 collection to fill container; Collections CANNOT be mixed
  • Pre-priced custom labels are an option $0.05 fee per label.
  • All orders are subject to final container load verification
  • Include extra pallet options to be added to your order if container space allows
  • Indicate pallets on your order that can be removed if the container is full
  • Orders CANNOT be cancelled after final order confirmation
  • Payment Terms:  Net 30 days upon credit approval. 2% additional discount on containers for payment on shipment.
  • The buyer must accept a 3% breakage allowance on container shipments. Above 3%, please submit a claim to Border Concepts within 48 hours after receipt of the container.
  • Customer is responsible for any US Customs or Government agency charges associated with at port container exams / inspections, which are out of the control of Border Concepts.