Terms & Conditions

Pre-assorted Container

Direct Containers / 53ft Truckloads from Mexico
  • 20ft and 40ft Direct Container Prices are FOB: Delivered
  • 20ft containers hold 20 pallets, 40ft containers typically hold 40-44 pallets, 53ft trucks from Mexico hold 56 pallets
  • Pallets must be ordered from 1 collection to fill container; Collections CANNOT be mixed
  • Pre-priced custom labels are an option $0.05 fee per label.
  • All orders are subject to final container load verification
  • Include extra pallet options to be added to your order if container space allows
  • Indicate pallets on your order that can be removed if the container is full
  • Orders CANNOT be cancelled after final order confirmation
  • Payment Terms:  Net 30 days upon credit approval. 2% additional discount on containers for payment on shipment.
  • The buyer must accept a 3% breakage allowance on container shipments. Above 3%, please submit a claim to Border Concepts within 48 hours after receipt of the container.
  • Customer is responsible for any US Customs or Government agency charges associated with at port container exams / inspections, which are out of the control of Border Concepts.

Custom Container

  • FOB: Port of Origin
  • Payment Terms: 50% Deposit / Balance on Shipment
  • Ocean Freight, Duty, Customs Clearance, Insurance, and Inspections to be quoted separately.
  • Maximum Weight: 19500 kgs or 44,000 lbs
  • Crate Costs: $28 per Crate
  • Pallet Costs: $15 Per pallet
  • Barcode or Pre-price Labels: $0.05 each (Black Printing on White Label)
  • Fumigation Charge: $100.00
  • Production Lead Time 120+ Days
  • Ocean Transit Time: West Coast 14 Days, East Coast 30 Days
  • Breakage Allowance: Buyer assumes a 3% allowance for breakage. Claims for less than 3% will not be accepted.
  • 1 Free Hour for Unloading – If container needs to be dropped and picked up at a later time, customer is responsible to charges.
  • Customer is responsible for any charges associated with container exams or inspections at the port by US Customs or other government agencies which are out of the control of Border Concepts.