Generally, orders can be produced in 90-120 days from order confirmation.  Transit time is 3-4 weeks to west coast and 4 -6 weeks to east coast.  Lead time can be increased during peak production season from July –January.  Factory capacity gets tight in December and January leading up to Chinese New Year.  Best advice is to order early and take delivery ASAP.

Yes.  Border Concepts offers the freight forwarding and customs clearance as a service for our customers.  We have very competitive rates with the freight forwarders we use but are happy to use your freight forwarder and customs broker if you like.

Product is packed very well for safe transit but due to the fragile nature of the product, you can expect to have a small amount of breakage.  The buyer must accept a 3% breakage allowance on container shipments.  Above 3%, please submit a claim to Border Concepts within 48 hours after receipt.  Please send photos showing the damages.  If you see damages as you are unloading the container that was caused by poor loading, it is very important to take pictures as you unload so that we can submit a claim to the factory.  You should also note damages on the carrier’s bill of lading.

You will need a forklift and pallet jack for unloading.  Due to the weight of the product, it is not recommended to use chains to pull pallets to the end of the container.

Container pricing is based on live unloading.  You have 1 free hour to unload.  After 1 hour, extra charges will be incurred.  Arrangements can be made to drop the container and picked up after unloading but extra charges will apply.

Yes, but extra delivery charges would be applied.  We recommend 2 stops maximum within a 50 mile radius.

Yes, we charge $0.05 per label for custom labels.

No, you must order a full container from any one collection.  Each collection offers a great variety of styles, colors, and sizes to make it easy to fill a container from 1 factory.